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Imagine you’re running a thriving 4 brand dealership spread over several locations in San Francisco with an amazing 50 year history and your customers at one location are unaware of the size and scope of your entire operation. This is the problem that faced Royal Motor Sales in San Francisco when they tapped Frame x Frame Productions to create a video that would unify all of their locations, deliver the dealership’s history, and introduce the great people that run their diverse operations.

While at first glance this seemed like a tall order, it was finally decided that the best method would be to create a modular video that touches upon each of the areas of the dealership (new car sales, pre-owned sales, service, parts and accessories, body shop and finance). Using this technique, there would be a long version of the video that would play from a video server on a loop at the Service Center and in the Sales Center for Audi, VW, and Mazda, and several shorter, web-friendly versions that could be used on their website and on social media and video sites like Facebook and YouTube.

The approach had several benefits for Royal Motor Sales. First, off, the modular approach allowed us to tailor content to the viewing medium, with a long version for playback at their location (long enough that it wouldn’t drive employees crazy,) and shorter versions for the short attention span and keyword optimization world of the web. Second, this approach created an economy of scale that allowed Royal Motor Sales to get maximum bang for their production buck. Finally, it created flexibility so that updating of content would be more simple and less expensive as variables like new team members and new products/services change.

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Services Delivered:

Image and Motion Design (Storyboarding)
Script Writing
Videotaping on Location
Graphic Design
Video Editing
DVD Mastering and Distribution
Video Compression
Online Distribution
Social Media Optimization
YouTube Account Creation